About Us


We are Golfer Fit, a small but motivated company specializing in Golf Training Aids and Improvement Products. Founded by an avid golfer, father of two, husband, full-time marketer and part-time entrepreneur;  our goal is to deliver products that help average golfers improve their golf game. We know not everyone has time to drive to the driving range or get lessons, let alone afford it! It's also not very fun to spend your hard earned money at the course only to play poor golf and never see improvements.

That’s what made us start Golfer Fit. While we have no plans of going pro, we do love golf and love the challenge of improving. We've spent the time using tons of different training aids and we want to deliver the ones that will help you improve your game without breaking the bank. You don't have to spend tons of money on lessons or countless hours at the driving range to get better. So bring the "practice facility" to you and practice the right way when and where you want.


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